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Technology being the thing that both separates us and connects us, 
It being this ambiguous relationship makes me both dislike it- wishing that it didn’t make be feel so apart generationally and culturally - and love it and want to celebrate it for allowing me to understand further and record all the things I simultaneously don’t understand.

But maybe I’ve been missing the point - maybe all the recording is getting in the way. In the same way you might stop and ask someone for directions vs typing an address into Google Maps and following an arrow.

It’s a complicated relationship with technology. The glitches, the impossibility of what you see being what is happening now, something recorded in the past, an unrepeatable moment.

I’m not settled with it at all- but more and more it seems like reality and modes of communication and documentation that rely on technology or are technology themselves become so heavily intertwined and believably each other that the glitches and cracks and typos can seem like the last keyholes into right now.

But it’s not just about glitches - it’s the never ending switching between realities. It’s longing for them to merge and no longer have pixels and screens and bad connections between them truly connecting.

To have a live voice in your live ear, travelled through the same air that both transmitter and receiver have processed through nose and lung and mouth, that is the connection we long for?

Is our merging of minds and web and network causing us to see our bodies as accordingly interwoven with the corresponding physical space they roam through?

Google cars, Amazon shops, Apple watches, Uber eats, NHS track and trace, Facebook everything, Instagram clocking you in in situ. 

It doesn’t stop at our conscience, it is all-encompassing, merged limitlessness